P1 SMART-X Race Suit

€ 361,80
Excl. BTW: € 299,01
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Merk: P1.
Model: AASMX..

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P1 is glad to introduce you the new generation of entry level suit: the Smart range.

Smat-X is an entry level suit which doesn't forget about style. The combination of strong suit colours and the insterts makes this suit the best way to be safe, dressed with style saving your pockets!

With 2 layers and a sandwich weight of 400 gr/m², this suit is on the whole 20% lighter than the successful Pro3.

The built-in codriver pockets makes this suit perfect for both drivers and codrivers!

* New generation of entry level suit: soft, breathable and affordable.
* 20% lighter than previous P1 entry levels suit.
* New built-in co-driver pocket.


- FIA rating: 8856-2000 Approved
- Sandwich Weight: 400 gr/m²
- Layers: 2 Layers
- Sizes Available: 2-7
- Standard Colors: Black, Blue, Silver